A Comparison between Julius Caesar and Hunger Games Essay

Julius Caesar vs . the Hunger Video games

Did you ever realize that the Being hungry Games and Julius Caesar have a whole lot of commonalities? Not just Julius Caesar, but also the whole Ancient Both roman Empire itself. The Latina word " Panem”, the the Craving for food Games is found, means loaf of bread in The english language. To me, the Hunger Online games is more of the advanced version with all of the same concepts with the former Ancient Roman Disposition. There is a well used Greek fantasy that exists where 18 Athenian children are brought to Crete to fight for all their lives to hold their town, like Katniss does to keep district 12. Many brands of the characters share some form of connection. We probably be aware that Katniss's hair stylist Cinna is named after the poet person Gaius Helvius Cinna, also called the general Lucius Cornelius Cinna. In Julius Caesar, the conspirators mistook the poet person Cinna with the other Cinna, which was in on Caesars murdering. The poet was quickly slain by that mob of conspirators, which foreshadows how it changes Katniss's hair dresser. The game machine, Seneca Raie, is most likely named after Lucius, a judicial police officer of Historic Rome that holds responsible for the production of all the public online games. Both models of heroes claim that the troubles are to protect their particular homeland preventing its suffering. The names Caesar, Brutus, Portia, Cinna, Flavius, and Cato also make an appearance in the Being hungry Games and famous Shakespearean play, Julius Caesar. An additional big similarity is the expression " tribute”. It comes through the Latin expression " tributa” and this means a duty paid for the government. Because of this Katniss virtually sells himself to be spent by her rulers. Your woman can be showed by the concept that the game creators can control what goes on inside the capitol plus the lives in the victims. Katniss volunteers because tribute in order to save her very little sister Primrose, who has almost no survival expertise to be put in the Hunger Online games. As many as you will find similarities, you can also get some variations that Suzanne Collins...

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