Mobile Phone to the School Composition

we disagree with the action

Social-culture and health В side

In this part, we must consider our culture. The west not allowed all of us to bring telephone to the school. But our culture didn't prohibit us to get phone towards the school. On the other hand modern tradition that always type teach all of us a lot of technology. Provide us with many versatile thing that people will feel great if we use this thing. For the example is palm telephone. Everyone, aged person, young person, student, more over fundamental student include a hand phone. Hand phone is a flexible issue that we can use without wire and we brings it exactly where we move, we can contact and mail massage to everyone with a less than a minute. We could use this thing to entertainВ us, for the example is usually we can enjoy a game, playing music, take a video and picture and so on. Is actually fun to work with it, we will always make use of this thing whenever we have already believed fun whenever we use this. This isВ a hazardous for us. How come? becauseВ weВ willВ feelВ dependent andВ weВ willВ useВ all the time. В weВ wouldВ feelВ lonelyВ if weВ do notВ useВ orВ carry. В usuallyВ students whoВ wouldВ feel that way. В becauseВ theyВ only useВ hand cellphone В when you feelВ boredВ and desire toВ amuseВ yourself with theВ entertainment thatВ isavailableВ onВ hand phone. В that's whatВ we is going to coverВ this period. В why studentsВ should not bringВ hand phoneВ to institution. 1 . The very first is the danger of hackers. В many students who carry cell phones thought that putting his palm on the table or under the stand it is quite safe, but sometimes if we have got a friend who also might be uninformed, and he would take to hack mobile phones all of us, the ignorant one may mail a message toВ person who has his hand phone amount is in each of our hand phone contact with the language or perhaps words we do not want. В people who will end up being sent angry at us. В when we know the individual sending is usually our good friend we would be angry with him. В this will cause a conflict that could end using a fight and hate each other. 2 . In health side the currentВ eraВ has beenВ highly developed, В В manyВ smartphone possess beenВ...

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