Combating Terrorism Essay


In an effort to battle terrorism better as a police force agency, the agency will need to look at strengthening cooperation between organizations accountable for combating terrorism, such as the FBI, CIA, INA, all law enforcement officials agencies, and even politicians possess a role to experience in combating terrorism. Firm Roles

The police can carry out criminal brought on, arrest potential foods, and bring them to trial. They also might try to place spies in to terrorist organizations. In some countries police can arrest supposed terrorists without specific costs, simply confining suspects in jail. They can also place limits in civil protections, such as preventing citizens motionless around widely. The police could also mount guards around government buildings or additional likely targets. Immigration specialists can prevent all migration or apply strong regulates to prevent terrorists from entering or going out of the country. Politicians can offer terrorist groups political concessions—compromises such as self-rule intended for ethnic hispanics, for example—or a general excuse in exchange for stopping upcoming attacks. Otherwise, politicians can easily grant a few of the demands manufactured by the terrorists' political oppositions and thus drive a sand wedge between terrorists and the people they claim to represent. Possible Changes

Command, control, and marketing communications would be areas to look at pertaining to improvement. Web page hardening and security (protecting buildings, facilities, and outdoor events coming from terrorist disorders and minimizing site vulnerability to harm and damage) would be one more area to think about. Defending against cyber terrorism--attacks using computers or computer system networks would be imperative to shield sensitive info. Training in apprehending and disarming terrorists would be a possible change. Increased know-how in forensics and brought on could be executed. Public information is definitely an important application because it provides extra sets of eyes in places law enforcement cannot be...

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