Gwen Harwood - Expresion of Complicated Ideas Through Imagery Composition

Generally in poetry the technique of symbolism is depended on greatly to present someone with a aesthetic stimulus that allows the poet person to express a couple of complex concepts. Poet Gwen Harwood uses certain day-to-day images to illustrate is a tendency of world to classify the jobs and anticipations of females in the 50s. Some of her works such as ‘In the Park', ‘Suburban Sonnet' and ‘Dichterlibre' bring on photos of bickering children, household chores and tiresome motherly figures to ensure the reader understanding some of the intangible concepts presented in the poetry, such as the have difficulties for feminine independence within a patriarchal world and the interpersonal inequity knowledgeable by the regular folks and moms of the fifties. Harwood's beautifully constructed wording gives voice to these exhausted women and entices the reader to take notice of the restrictions put on a young mother by society's expectations.

Harwood's poem ‘In the Park' explores the exhausting and all-consuming task of motherhood plus the effects that slowly have toll on the mother's energy. Throughout the initial stanza Harwood uses everyday imagery to achieve the reader regarding the worn out nature from the mother. Harwood offers the reader simple but expressive images in line one of the poem, when a mother's clothes are described as " out of date”, this imagery presents the outfits to the audience as a representational view in the woman's frame of mind towards her life which can be now viewed as old, tattered and broken, not as opposed to her clothes. After the initially line the reader is playing an impression from the mother to be immersed before dwelling on the contrast among how her life might have been, and the boring reality which includes come to. When the youngsters are introduced in the text the reader is invited into a portion of the mother's life that Harwood presents like a draining, to some degree parasitic addition, where as customarily the almost holy relationship among mother and child is definitely one of great value. The image of two children that " whine...

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