Essay on International Business Midterm


International Organization Management

Mid-Term Exam

Multiple Choice Questions

1 . The definition of globalism or globalization generally refers to ___d__. a. elevating loyalty to yours country

n. global competition characterized by networks that situation countries, institutions, and people.

c. competition within an increasingly borderless world

g. b and c simply

2 . Which of the following is correct about computing globalization: C a. The United States is the most globalized country. n. Globalization is measured using only economic factors. c. Operate, travel, technology, and relates to the rest of the world will be four comprehensive measures of globalization.

g. The United States prospects all countries in operate, travel, and links with the people all over the world.

3. Three major universe currencies today are __A___.

a. pound, yen, U. S. buck

b. european, yen, influencia

c. euro, U. H. dollar, German mark

g. euro, U. S. dollars, peso

4. By which of the subsequent three local free-trade massue does almost all of C=today's universe trade come about? C a. Western The european union, Eastern The european union, and The united states b. Western Europe, Asia, and the United states of america

c. Western Europe, Asia, and United states

d. European countries, Southeast Asia, and the Unites states

5. BThe European Union presently consists of how many countries? a. 10

b. Twenty-seven

c. Forty

d. Fifty

6. Deb Which with the following countries is not a single one of the Four Tigers? a. To the south Korea

m. Hong Kong

c. Taiwan

g. Thailand

six. China provides enjoyed recent success since an foreign trade powerhouse developed upon its _A____. a. strengths of low costs and flow of capital

AACSB: Multicultural/Diversity

n. geographic position in the world

c. high educational standards

d. close connections with Asia

8. Which will of the subsequent statements is usually not correct about China and tiawan? a. Cina joined the WTO in 2002

b. One of China's essential strengths is its exceptional infrastructure c. China is trapped halfway among a command economy and a market overall economy d. China and tiawan continues to get pleasure from significant inflows of money coming from ethnic Chinese outside of Chinese suppliers

on the lookout for. Which with the following assertions is correct regarding India? a. India's biggest contributor to growth is its good infrastructure. n. India is a world's innovator for outsourced back-office companies, and progressively for advanced services c. India is a fastest-growing free-market democracy d. b and c just are right

10. India's economic boom is a result of

a. reducing protectionism and bureaucracy

b. training restrictions upon foreign investment

c. changing its monetary sectors

m. all of the above

11. Which will of the next are attributes of the Mexican trading environment?

a. Mexican operate policy is probably the open in the world b. Operate with the U. S. and Canada offers tripled as NAFTA was ratified in 1994 c. In recent years, almost 85% of Mexico's exports go to the Us d. All the above will be characteristics from the Mexican trading environment

doze. Which with the following is definitely not correct?

a. Foreign traders have become cautious with Russia due to recent authorities action against the Yukos olive oil group. w. Africa continues to be ignored by simply most of the world's investors c. Because of the political and economic risks in LDCs, they provide no potential international work at home opportunities d. South Africa has the biggest economy in Africa.

13. Of all the developments propelling global business today, the one that can be transforming the international managers agenda one of the most...

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