Essay on Ipremier and Denial of Service Attaack


To: Prof. Timothy Shea

From: Linda Cosme

Date: April 2, 2013

Subject: iPremier and Denial of Service Attack – Case Study ______________________________________________________________________________ The iPremier and Refusal of Assistance Attack case study is a made up case in the Harvard Organization School. This situatio shows obviously how companies may not be acquiring their protection seriously and after several high profile hacking reports, we can see this provides the truth. The setting of the case is the fact iPremier, a higher end web shop, suffered a DOS assault during the night. Individuals in charge of businesses attempted to get the cause of the attack nevertheless were hit with resistance from their collocation service. Once awarded access along with almost the complete company's senior management team was engaged, the attack stopped. There was clearly no vocally mimic eachother or explanation as to how or for what reason but it ceased and business was back to normal on the site.

The main issue for the company was that they didn't possess a plan of attack or set anticipate how to deal with conditions like these. Lots of the employees and management had been on the modern side and weren't aware of any type of course of action to take with an burglar attack. There was some type of " binder” for the situations that had contacts and methods but that it wasn't actually used and hadn't been updated. Another issue was the level of resistance and insufficient support they'd with their collocation facility Qdata. They achieved resistance once trying to gain access to the necessary gear and failed to get very much support if they contacted the facility.

A good plan of attack would be to create a business continuity plan and keep it up-to-date to maintain the highest level of effectiveness possible. The organization should consider having better training in place pertaining to emergencies similar to this type and develop a very clear line of conversation hierarchy. This could allow these emergencies and issues to become communicated simply to those individuals required...

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