Kite Flying and Business Essay

Kite flying is one of the most well-known sports and festival in India. Based on the Greek literature, kite-flying dates back to since old as 14th 100 years and later found India and also other Asian countries. Kite Festival in India is definitely popular the worldwide and celebrated with great fun and fervor. Seeing the colourful sky through the kite festival is indeed a feast for the eyes.

Men's inherent wish to fly high and reach the sky could have surely built him create the kite and travel it excessive, somewhere offering him the sensation and the fulfillment that they can fly and touch the sky of up to he wishes.

Kites are mounted on a carefully thread rolled within a pinball and flown up against the direction of the wind. Kite flying can be lot of entertaining but the true excitement lies in cutting in each other's kites. The greater kites you cut a lot more expert you are.

When comparing kite flying to business or management, there are a great number of similarities in both of them. An in depth analysis of all aspects of both these activities shows a very close connection together. There is a great deal to learn by kite flying – one common activity all of us ignore choosing advice and advantage of in business or managing. The commonalities are as follows:

Kite traveling is rather than an easy job. Just like business, it consists of various skill and expertise to take the sky high in the sky. The hefty burden of flying the kite could prove to be tedious for any amateur trying that for the first time. In the same way, a new business owner just going into the field of organization has facing himself a bag full of trouble. Beating them and establishing a firm or organization of his own needs a lot of hard work.

There are many different types of business corporation such as sole proprietorship, relationship, company kind of organization, Indio united friends and family, etc . Remembering these forms of organizations, you will find different ways by which people soar kites. Some individuals have the skill and ability to soar the kite on their own like sole proprietorship, while some take those help of others and many hands come together to fly just one kite just like partnership, firm form of corporation, etc .

Blowing wind is the needed thing which will would make a kite travel high in the sky. If the weather can be windy, the kite is going to fly effectively. The business functions in the same way. The products would promote and the profits would fishing reel in only if there is a demand intended for the product in the market. The company is likely to suffer loss if it attempts to fly its kite within a windless environment.

The material of the kite, when matched with proper wind flow direction may take it to heights wherever it can climb over the clouds. If it is as well windy, a paper kite would simply tear away and a plastic kite would serve the purpose at that time in time. When it isn't also windy, a paper kite would simply do its standard job. Similarly, when there exists too much require, such hard measures must be taken which would keep the business steady by choosing the proper method to take on the problem. As a result such organization measures and policies needs to be implemented in order to take care of the regular interest of everybody.

The business owner is known as the person who will take the risk of carrying out the business. In the event the qualities in the entrepreneur tend not to live up to the expectations, the life expectancy from the business turns into far too low. In the same way in the event the person traveling by air the kite has good control over the kite it will soar high in the sky.

Intended for anything to reach higher ground, like a skyscraper, initial the base should be built sufficiently strong to support the fragile structure about this. The same thing applies for almost everything. A business must be properly create with satisfactory resources and plans due to its base being strong enough. In case the base just isn't strong enough, further expansion can result in an awful lot of complications in the future. Similarly, before soaring the kite, we produce small slots besides the key stick supporting the fragile newspaper of the kite. These slots, commonly named ‘kaana'...

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