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Opportunities of Graduating College Students

Whilst it is interesting to know position choices of school bound college students, it is essential to know position choices of college or university graduates. One study (Ellevera, 1981) had graduation students via five universites and colleges in Community Manila who have are members of a institution consortium while participants. In the study, 41. 13% portrayed their prefer to work in another country in the United States of America, Canada, England and Australia. Larger salaries and opportunities to get employment would be the pull elements for desiring to work overseas. The bigger socio-economic school showed more interest in doing work outside the Philippines.

Jobs the graduating learners would like to enter into are that of accountant, manager, sales representative, bank support staff, teacher and tutor, computer professional and coder, nurse, dentist, medical doctor, analysis analyst, mass media personnel, community development worker, and advice counsellor. The researchers stated that this getting suggests a decreased social positioning of the graduates. Lupdag, Anselmo D. (2007)

Career Direction

Career direction refers to the " utilization of techniques which include individual, group counselling and a variety of media for the dissemination of occupational information, and adjustment of existing curriculum to meet student needs. ” This aims " to assist persons in job planning and decision-making, permits the student to see life styles and personal satisfactions and investigate education, work and leisure activities. ” A job encompasses a number of possible habits of personal decision related to every single individual's total lifestyle. Additionally, it differs via occupation the person's frequent work as a method of livelihood. Importance of Profession Guidance

Profession guidance is very important for two reasons. First, through career guidance, individual potentials are developed. Second, the development of human resources leads to national creation. Lupdag, Anselmo...

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