Marketing Prepare Phase 3 Research Paper

Marketing Prepare Phase III

MKT 421

Marketing Plan Phase III

In-N-Out Burgers basic beliefs and idea is simple: make the highest quality merchandise, prepare the product in a clean environment, and serve the merchandise in a nice and friendly manner. Presenting a new product to In-N-Out Burgers traditional menu will challenge the products success with both existing customers as well as new customers. The introduction of the salad which has a desirable energy to In-N-Out Burgers menu will bring a healthier choice to improve the menu and escalate client satisfaction. The new product will be coming into the market through the very competitive and less rewarding maturity level of the support life cycle. The prospective market pertaining to the new item will be family members that want a decision in the junk food restaurant industry. The new salads with their delicious attributes gives In-N-Out Burgers a competitive advantage due to their positioning and differentiation approaches at the right price. Merchandise Attributes

Keeping the tradition of quality, In-N-Out will simply use top quality salad dressings prove salads. In-N-Out's competition uses Newman's well-liked brand name salad dressing that has an established following, and another competitor uses Ken's greens dressing which might be ranked the most popular salad dressing brands. They tend to be larger in caloric count thus In-N-Out will be challenging competition to provide a much healthier salad choice by using Annie's Organic Salad dressings. Cost will be low since three dressings will be had to launch the salads; Caesar, ranch, and vinaigrette. This allows for the expansion of the salad line in the future. Mixed vegetables in the green salads will allow for aesthetics' as well as added nutrition, especially with an array of dark green leafy member of the lettuce family such as romaine. Cherry tomato vegetables will be added for color and clean shredded pumpkin for variety. A colorful description of the green salads has been included with demonstrate the caliber of each....

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