Nordstrom Essay

Executive Summary: This kind of Report is all about is about the Nordstrom compensation system. To begin with we have outlined the main factors behind the problem and their seriousness then later on we all did info analysis of Nordstrom settlement system in order that we can get actual results to recognize the causes of trouble more easily next we would identify the important thing decision requirements and with the help of those standards we offered recommendations.

Issue Statement: The key issue of the article is that Nordstrom compensation strategy is not promoting the strategy of the organization. These both are contradictory to each others.

Info Analysis:

Seeing these table we can see that the Net Income of Nordstrom every year can be increasing but also in the year of 1990 they can be declining this kind of shows that trouble emerges by the end of the 1980's. The main reason in this in our viewpoint is that all their employee's size gets boosts from 5000employees in 1980 to 30000 in 1989. The caliber of the company's sales man or women seemed to endure with the quick growth of you can actually work force.

Decision Criteria: Although making a decision criteria we are subsequent these steps the following: Establish overall objectives and goals.

Fat the targets to determine their particular importance.

Select the decision standards.

Weight the criteria to determine their importance.

Develop metrics.

Therefore first in developing goals and objects. The overall goals of a business are that to " offer the buyer, the best in service, selection, quality and value” While the targets of the company are to apply such program which support its high service approach and inspire its people. Implanting a supportive product is more important because in that sale persons is often more service oriented and they will stay away from tired whenever they spend as time passes on it. They presume it because their job.

To motivate a sale person commission payment system is the best decision but for create a client oriented program decentralization is better one....

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