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Mikayla Cook

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Mrs. Martinez

Feb . 5, 2013

OMAM Alternative Ending

After eradicating Curley's wife and his puppy, Lennie knows that he had done something bad and remembers George telling him that in the event that he did anything wrong to go conceal in the bushes and wait for him. Once all the males find out what took place to Curley's wife they go looking for Lennie to kill him, George protects Lennie and notify the men that he headed south, at the same time George visits Lennie and tells him that he can going to let nothing happen to him and ends up taking pictures him at the back of the head, exactly like the way Candy's dog was shot. In Of Rodents and Men, Steinbeck selecting to have George kill Lennie was valid because it allowed George to be loyal to Lennie also because Lennie would only carry on and hurt people and get in trouble.

One of the themes in Of Mice and Men is loyalty and it is clearly justified at the end in the novel once George manages Lennie after his great aunt Clara drops dead. The two of them bypass looking for come together; George didn't let anything at all happen to Lennie. Another case in point would be the moment Curley is attempting to start a fight with Lennie, George measures in to protect Lennie, and the previous example of dedication would be once George gets rid of Lennie. Once Candy's puppy was shot by Carlson he experienced guilty because he didn't take his own dog away of agony. George didn't want to appreciate the same remorse, so because it came time for the guys wishing to kill Lennie, George knew he needed to do it him self.

Another possible stopping to the book would be that George displays the other guys wherever Lennie is definitely hiding and allows Curley to get rid of Lennie. It was mid afternoon and the sunlight was setting. Lennie was sitting in the barn keeping his puppy dog; he was rocking back and forth almost like he was in a state of shock. Lennie realized that his pup was becoming chillier by the day, what this individual didn't realize at first was that he had killed his puppy dog. Lennie realized that he needed to conceal his puppy dog from...

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