Business is definitely show business Essay

п»їBusiness is Display Business:

An Article regarding Business Sales pitches

By Mohamed Daher

This article was written by Brigitte Biehl-Missal. She is a professor inside the Aberystwyth School. It was posted in the Journal of Management Studies on May 2011. This article does not talk about management types of procedures or decisions, but rather, that talks about organization presentations plus the impact of visual and on-stage performances of mature managers and CEOs when giving demonstrations. What does the article discuss? It explains that life is becoming increasingly theatrical and visual in character. Nowadays, more and more theatrical practices are being used by corporate leaders for creating strong and effective shows. The article points out that ‘stage-managed' and real life management sales pitches are treated as important devices to get representing the business and for managing the impacts of targeted audiences The publicity of such events:

Increases participants' efforts to interact in theatrical behavior Boosts participants' interest in big corporate events such as total annual general conferences (AGMs) Enhances the effectiveness of the messages sent in these situations in a theatrical manner Need for theatrical-style presentations

These presentations concentrate on important people for the business: shareholders and public stakeholders, at workers, and at economical journalists and analysts; All these are important viewers in total annual press conferences and analyst meetings. Corporations spend big amounts of money on this kind of events. Importance of theatrical-style presentations: Leading economical analysts use such group meetings as a method to obtain important qualitative information this kind of info may not be obtained via other channels of conversation Influential press and a large number of private shareholders also attend to personally ‘experience' managers This article uses a research to understand just how theatre tactics are used in a performance scenario...

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