Sales and Market Route Plan Essay

Sales and Marketing Funnel Plan

Fun 4 Life Fitness Center, LLC understands that over the last five years, there has been an increased emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle. This includes eating and living healthy. One of many goals of the business is always to provide a facility that can focus on the demands of customers in regards to healthy living. Which means that our product and support offerings have been completely designed with the consumer in mind. Fun 4 Existence Fitness Center would like to assist in assisting the customer (s) to reach their goals of your healthy way of living whether it through physical training or perhaps nutrition.

Sales Force

Entertaining 4 Lifestyle Fitness Center, LLC intends to have a sales force staff comprised of a single Marketing Sales Manager. Your husband has the competent credentials and experience to acquire this area effectively. The responsibility of the Marketing Sales Manager will include training most management and staff in the area of sales. The Marketing Revenue Manager has sought to reach out to prospective customers by using a marketing research review. This survey is only first which followup and additional surveys will be built to reach out to even more people. The existing survey was distributed by email and by hands. There were thirty-two surveys that have been given out and 32 responses were gathered back.

Promoting Channels

As it relates to promoting channels, Entertaining 4 Existence Fitness Center, LLC has decided to use the A Christi daily news newspaper and online version, as well as Don Mickey Models (direct mail). These two marketing channels were chosen mainly because based on the survey effects of the potential market, the responses indicated that most would recognize advertising information if it came through these channels.

Sales Channels

Fun 4 Existence Fitness Center, LLC has created a position for a full time Fitness Sales Manager. Below this person will be two a lot of the time member services representatives and one or perhaps member assistance representative. You will find...


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