Schindler S i9000 List Dissertation

Tommy Russell

British IV


21 September 2014

Fictional Analysis of Schindler's List

The Holocaust was a large extermination of around six , 000, 000 Jews in Eastern Europe under the lawbreaker hands of Nazis and SS soldiers during World War II. It started in 1933 and ended in 1945 when the battle in The european countries finally finished. The whole genocide was structured methodically Germany's leader, Adolf Hitler. Initially Jews will be persecuted, in that case robbed of their citizenship, then moved into ghettos, and quickly into focus camps. The evil story developed and grew and what started out as hatred turned into a scheme of mass murder. Steven Spielberg uses color, shadows, and rapport of moments to display the inhumanity of the Nazi Germans and the hopelessness of the Judaism people throughout the Holocaust of World War II. Spielberg uses dark areas to symbolize the archetype of good and evil in Oskar Schindler. The shadow in Schindler's face is used to symbolize the evil and the selfishness in him. The shadow on Schindler's face in the beginning is darker and dominant. The dark shadow becomes less and less common as Schindler's point of view with the Jews begins to change. Since the film goes on and Schindler's emotions change Spielberg uses much less shadow, and in the end ends up applying none at all. Schindler begins to care about the well-being with the Jews. Once Schindler gives his talk to the Jews before they each leave the camp, no shadow is viewed on his deal with, displaying his true feelings and his complete empathy for the Jews. Spielberg uses shadows for Schindler as he makes the alteration from a selfish Nazi to the deliverer of hundreds of Jews. Spielberg's use of color indicates wish in the film. In the beginning, the film's color changes from all color to grayscale white, except for one candle light. The switch to black and light gives the film a more practical feel simply by relating to film from Ww ii. The color from the candles both at the beginning and at the end from the...

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