The Chinese Fireworks Market Essay

The Chinese language Fireworks Market

Liuyang, a city in Hunan Province in China, is called " the property of firecrackers and fireworks”. The fireworks making in Liuyang provides a long background tradition in China, and enjoys a high reputation in the domestic market. It was also the top fireworks exporter on the globe, covering 60 per cent of the global production. However , the fireworks market in China encountered an increased competition and lots of legal constraints. Jerry Yu, who was operating a small family-owned chain of gift shops in Nyc, was asked to invest in a fireworks stock. He offers management knowledge and global insight with an MBA, but he can challenged to make the decision whether it is worthwhile to invest in it considering the threats it is facing and the disadvantages of the sector. As far as I am concerned, even though the downward craze of fireworks consumption (see Exhibit 1) made the whole firework sector seem like a sunset industry, there are still some opportunities pertaining to investing this industry and make revenue out of it.


Politics Factors

In the domestic market, local governments have different regulations regarding fireworks consumption. By simply 1998, one-third of the urban centers in Cina had entirely banned the utilization of firecrackers and fireworks. One other one-third only allowed fireworks in specified places. Yet , in the mid 2000s, many cities reduced restrictions on fireworks. Meanwhile, the household market even now lacks pricing regulation and intellectual home protection, which usually caused cutthroat price competition and discretionary copying of popular design. Fortunately, Liuyang Firecrackers and Fireworks Sector Department applied an unpleasant strategy to revive fireworks sector.

Inside the foreign marketplace, many countries made limited and complex regulations upon fireworks. Though fireworks from China were full of variety and low in selling price, they had a decreased reputation in quality control, packaging and timing control. Nevertheless, China fireworks market was a magnet for overseas investors, and by 2009 China imports dominated the entire Canadian market. Economical Factors

In the domestic industry, on one hand, the first capital requirement of starting a manufacturing facility was relatively low. Consequently, the quantity of small corporations mushroomed and intensified competition. On the other hand, resulting from Chinese economic growth, labor costs and raw materials costs were steadily increasing. Furthermore, consideration receivables and bad personal debt control create a credit problems and slowed down the cash yield. As a result, a lot of manufacturers withdrew from providing in the household market.

Inside the export market, foreign opportunities were funneled into the Chinese fireworks industry in recent years. Yet , China-made fireworks would wholesale for much lower prices than similar items made in The japanese or Korea, which resulted in limited success. Social Elements

Both in China and in international countries, fireworks were widespread for faith based festivals and public activities. Also, the diversity of cultures greatly reduced the seasonality of the fireworks production and sales. Nevertheless , the majority of the staff in China were standard famers who had learned making your own fireworks just by viewing and following their elders, which means the majority of factories absence skilled fireworks-makers. This would be a big problem for the reason that increasing worries over questions of safety led stringent regulations and quality control process. Additionally, as people became even more environmentally-conscious and more distracted by endless diversities of modern entertainment, traditional fireworks industry faced great issues to pioneer. Technological Factors

Over the last many years, numerous novelties were included with the fireworks family, although innovation had never come to beyond merchandise variations. Also, most of staff were frequent famers and in addition they had hardly ever been qualified. Therefore , there are no motivation and specialist...

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